What do you think about the Bible?

We believe the Bible is the unfailing message of God – given to humanity and is the ultimate authority for the Church. It shows us the unfolding work of God to redeem and make all things new. The Bible is a message of grace, life, and peace.

What about Jesus?

We believe that Jesus is the full representation of God – in human form.  Through his teachings Jesus taught us how to live and love.  Through his life on earth Jesus taught us about grace and justice, and through His death Jesus defeated the powers of evil, overcame the power of sin in our lives, and set us free to live a life in relationship with God.

What does diversity mean to you? 

We believe that diversity is beautiful, and so we strive to be diverse in our church – to be multiethnic, multicultural, multieconomic and multigenerational. Many times in life we tend to group ourselves with people “just like us,” but when we do this, we miss out on so much that others have to offer us – their culture, their experiences, their perspective. The message of Jesus tells us that all people bear the image of God and that within the church there are to be no walls of division between anyone, for any reason. Diversity helps make us all truly whole. 

What do you think about women in ministry? 

We fully affirm and encourage the role of women in pastoral leadership. You can visit our Staff page and see for yourself. 

What about sexuality? 

We understand that this is a pretty big issue today and that many people have been hurt by churches. We believe that all people are created in the image of God, and that Jesus has given us the command to love each other as we would love ourselves. Love means to sacrifice for the other, to put them above ourselves. We offer full access to membership, service and leadership for everyone – regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We believe that when access is denied, love is refused; when equality dissolves, love becomes self-centered. For more information, please read our Statement on Sexuality

Why do you focus so much of your ministry on Milwaukee? 

Because it’s our home. Because it’s beautiful. Because we love it and its people. We realize we aren’t called to save the city. Rather, we are called to love the city as best we can, and that’s just what we try to do.