Our Story

TCC began in the fall of 2007 with a question and a dream. "What can the church be?" This question began our journey and has formed us into what we are today. We deeply believe that the church is the carrier of the greatest message ever given to humanity - that God is pursuing us all, that God loves us all, and that God is making everything new. 

Our dream is simple - to be a church that reflects the God of love and justice that we serve. God is not hate, God is not division, God is not bigotry...God is love. 

Because of our deep love for our city we intentionally invest ourselves into situations where there is injustice and suffering - seeking racial and economic reconciliation, to alleviate suffering whenever possible, and to engage in situations where people are deeply suffering both relationally and systematically. 

Our dream is to be the church that reflects the life-changing radical message of Jesus. We don't always live up to that, but we will always keep trying! 

our Mission

Our mission is to live out the way of Jesus within a multi-ethnic community that seeks to bring hope, healing, restoration and salvation to all people.