Our Story

TCC began in the fall of 2007 with a question and a dream. "What can the church be?" This question began our journey, and continued to form us into who we are today. We believe that the church is the carrier of the greatest message ever given to humanity - that God is pursuing us all, that God loves us all, and that God is making everything new. 

Our dream is simple - to be a church, a community of people, who reflect the God of love and justice that we serve; to be a church that reflects the life-changing, radical message of Jesus. We strive as a community to be people who are seeking racial and economic reparations and reconciliation; alleviating suffering whenever possible, and engaging in situations with people who are deeply suffering both relationally and systematically. 

Christ spent the majority of his time on this earth among the poor, the sick, and those society had pushed to the margins, and so we intentionally seek to center our lives in the places, and among the people Jesus would be found today. Because of this, we hold our possessions and position loosely, discerning where the Spirit is inviting us to join in the work God is doing in Milwaukee.

Over the years our community has gathered in movie theaters, in a building of our own, in an auction house, in parks and high school cafeterias. We believe that where we are gathered is not as important as who is gathered in our midst. 

our Mission

Our mission is to live out the way of Jesus within a multi-ethnic community that seeks to bring hope, healing, restoration and salvation to all people.