We recognize that sexuality has become a hard conversation within our culture and within the Christian church all over the world. In our own church family, issues surrounding sexuality cause both confusion and pain. Feeling a need to clarify, we have attempted to work through a process of discernment in submission to the leading of the Holy Spirit.


We affirm the Image of God, the value and dignity in all people without exception.

We desire to love and support each person, inviting people to sit at the feet of Christ and fully live the life God invited them to.

While sexuality has become an idol within the church at large, it is the Apostles Creed that serves as our organizing principle of belief. As the Creed does not elevate sexuality to the level of essential in doctrine, Transformation City Church also does not have an official doctrine on which expressions of sexuality are approved. While this doctrinal question is not central to our belief and our mission as a church, the humans affected are.  All people are welcome and loved at TCC with their own personal convictions.

At TCC, we support people in pursuing a covenantal relationship that is God-honoring - whether that relationship is a covenant of singleness with God, same gender or different gender.