race & reconciliation

We live in a divided world and a divided city.

Milwaukee is consistently ranked as one of the most segregated cities in America. 

But we believe the Bible paints a beautiful picture of what heaven will be like - every ethnicity worshipping at the throne of Jesus and our desire is that our church would look like heaven. 

But this is not easy. 

History, stereotypes, division, privilege, injustice and economics all work to divide us from each other. 

So we need to work hard at reconciliation.

At TCC we want to do the hard work of reconciliation - to talk about the issues, to speak truth about our history and our place in the continuation of racism and division. To reach out and embrace those who are different from us - to eat together, to seek to forgive and be forgiven, to bear each other's burdens, to be advocates for one another, to learn from each other and ultimately - to love each other deeply - no matter the color of our skin, where we live or how much money we make. 

We want to live out the future hope of heaven today...here...now.