During the COVID-19 Pandemic our Sunday service is being held via Zoom. Please join us via computer or Zoom app or call in from a phone at 312-626-6799 with meeting id: 879-1252-9753 and passcode: 1 (you don't need a participant number).

Each part of our service reflects a value that we hold. You'll be greeted as you walk in by people who can help you get the lay of the land if you need to check in a kid for Sunday school, or find the coffee. One of our values as a community is inclusion which means, in part, that we believe our view of God is limited and incomplete when we only allow one or two people to speak about God.  We all benefit when we listen to and learn from one another, so people may ask your about your story as you're getting settled in. 

We are committed to our life together as a community, so we take time to talk with each other during and after service to check in. We take time during a liturgy of sharing to offer what we have to the community that week--whether its a seat at our dinner table one night, a crock pot of soup, or a piece of furniture we no longer need.

We seek to empower all people in our community to live into the fulness of their gifts. Part of this is providing space for the spiritual formation of all people in our community--including kids!  We provide both a nursery for kids under 3 and Sunday School for kids age 3 - 5th grade. You can click on the Kids link for more information on our children's ministries. 

We seek to embody justice in this world, so the songs we sing and the sermons we preach will speak to what's going on in the world outside our Sunday morning service. We are committed to engaging in hard conversations, and discerning how to best respond with actions that embody solidarity.  For some people this may be challenging, which is why as a community we're dedicated to growth in how we think about and engage with God, and one another, even when it's uncomfortable.